There's a few ways to speak to Heavy Metal Records.

  1. Tele­phone us on +44 121 2700 877 (Option 1) or +44 1902 345 345 (between 10am and 6pm UK time, Monday to Fri­day). Whether you'd like to dis­cuss retail, dis­tri­bu­tion or just fancy a nat­ter, we'd love to speak to you.
  2. Send us a fax on +44 1902 345 155
  3. Send us an email, night or day (see below for the email con­tact form)
  4. Send us a let­ter or demo:
    Heavy Metal Records
    152 Goldt­horn Hill
    WV2 3JA
    United Kingdom
  5. You can even make an appoint­ment and drop into the office! We don't bite :) (we might offer you a cup of Revolver Fairtrade roas­ted cof­fee from our sis­ter com­pany though!)

There's no middle­men with us - you can email Chris or Paul dir­ectly: click on a name to reveal their respect­ive email address. If you're won­der­ing why we don't show our email addresses dir­ectly on this page, it's because we already receive far too much spam - and nobody likes that! We try to make sure that the only mes­sages that land in our inbox are real emails from real people, which means we can devote more time to wast­ing time with you on email. ;-)