Formed in 1980, this Eve­sham quar­tet brought a touch of glam to the HMR label. (Ged­dit!?) They are con­sidered as God­fath­ers of the Glam and Sleaze move­ment of the eighties which saw the likes of Mot­ley Crue, Cinder­ella, Ratt, Def Lep­pard and many other bands rap­idly rise to prominence.

Wrathchild released two albums on the Heavy Metal Records label - Stakk Attakk (1984) and The Biz Suxx (1988). Word has it that in 1984 on tour with W.A.S.P (whom they opened for) Wrathchild attemp­ted to steal the headliner's glory every night and actu­ally out­sold them in ticket sales in numer­ous towns! Legal dis­putes between labels and a U.S band  under the same name (now known as Wrathchild America) hampered Wrathchild's chances for a major breakthrough. 1989 album 'Deli­rium' was released on our sis­ter label 'FM Revolver Records' - the label famed for The Stone Roses, Lisa Domi­n­ique and Mag­num amongst many others!

The band split for good in 1990... that is until 2005/2006!

Present day -

In 2005 Wrathchild par­tially re-united under the name of 'Psy­chow­rath' with Gaz Har­ris tak­ing over vocal duties. The band acquired the rights to the Wrathchild name in 2009 and went on to release 'Stakk Attakk Two' in August 2011 on Per­ris Records. They are cur­rently tour­ing across the UK  through­out April, May and June 2012. Details and updates on Wrathchild can be found over on the bands offi­cial website.

Rocky Shades star­ted a new band called 'Rocky Shades Wrathchild' (also known as R.S.W) in 2006 with Jon Sud­bury, and James Crofts. In 2010 he formed Wild­side Riot with Gaz Wilde on drums, Natt Kid on Baqss and, Iggie Pis­tolero and Rob D'Var on Gui­tars. Since 2010 the line-up has under­gone sev­eral changes and now has Joss Riot and Jamez Gunn on gui­tars and James Croft on Bass. The band was prop­erly launched in July 2011 and their debut album release is expec­ted some time in 2012.  You can keep up to date with Rocky Shades and all things Wild­side Riot via their Face­book page.

Band Mem­bers (At the time of HMR releases):

Rocky Shades (Vocals)
Phil Wrathchild (Gui­tars)
Marc Angel (Bass)
Brian Parry (Drums)

Rocky Shades (Vocals)
Lance Rocket (Gui­tars)
Marc Angel (Bass)
Eddie Starr (Drums)



Tour Dates:

Wrathchild - Tour dates sched­uled in the UK in April, May and June 2012. Check the Wrathchild offi­cial web­site for full details and dates.

Wild­side Riot (Rocky Shades) - 18th May 2012  @ Route 44, Birm­ing­ham. More details can be found on Face­book.