Band Bio­graphy:

Heavy Metal Records released a ver­sion of The Scor­pi­ons album 'Lone­some Crow' in 1984 on the Heavy Metal World­wide label. The ori­ginal album release was on the Ger­man label, Brain Records in 1972. Brain Records mostly dealt with bands of the 'Krautrock' vari­ety, which refers to the 'experiemental' music scene that graced West Ger­many in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

As for 'Lone­some Crow', Scor­pi­ons front­man Klaus Meine said in a 2010 interview;

With "Lone­some Crow", we were just a young band try­ing to find our way, try­ing to shape an artistic style to find the SCORPIONS DNA. There was a bal­lad with "In Search Of Peace Of Mind" and a psy­che­delic rocker with the title track, "I'm Goin' Mad" was a great rocker with Michael Schen­ker play­ing great solos. We were just a young band with tal­en­ted guys with no idea on where to go from here. We brought in Uli Roth who had a Hendrix influ­ence and Rudolf and I became a song­writer team. When Mat­thias Jabs joined the band, we found our style, fast riffs but great melod­ies along with the power bal­lads. I think from "Lone­some Crow" to "Sting In The Tail" we influ­enced many musi­cians. This Is our leg­acy, to leave many rock clas­sics like "Rock You Like A Hur­ricane" to "Wind Of Change", which became the soundtrack for the end of the Cold War. Our final album shows that the SCORPIONS still burn for the pas­sion of rock and roll and we love it. We are still a live band and many of the songs on the new album can be played live. With this record, we want to go out on the road and nail it every night.
(Source; Blabbermouth.Net)

A remastered ver­sion of the 'Lone­some Crow' album can be purchased/downloaded over on the Revolver Records website

Band Mem­bers (at the time of the 'Lone­some Crow' release):
Klaus Meine (Vocals)
Michael Schen­ker (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Rudolf Schen­ker (Rhythm Gui­tar)
Lothar Heim­berg (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Wolfgang Dziony (Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals)

Tour Dates:

The Scor­pi­ons are set to tour across Main­land Europe, U.S.A, Canada and South Amer­ica - April through to Octo­ber 2012. Details of tour dates are avail­able on The Scor­pi­ons Web­site.