Regarded by many as one of the finest expo­nents of the Power Metal genre the UK has to offer, Mar­shall Law have enjoyed a seven album career span­ning nearly two decades.

Mar­shall Law were once haled as the bright­est thing to hap­pen on the Brit­ish Metal scene for a dec­ade. Hav­ing toured extens­ively in 1988/1989 the band played over 180 gigs in Eng­land Wales, Scot­land and North­ern Ire­land, cre­at­ing a sub­stan­tial following.

Their ener­getic work paid off in Septem­ber 89 when they signed are­cord deal with Heavy Metal Records and star­ted record­ing imme­di­ately. The res­ult was their self titled debut album 'MARSHALL LAW' which was released in Decem­ber 89 receiv­ing wide­spread crit­ical acclaim.

THE LAW per­formed their first show at Edward's Rock Com­plex in Birm­ing­ham dur­ing Decem­ber 1987. It was the start of a very busy
two years that saw the band gig con­stantly and pro­duce two demo's. Dur­ing this period the band sup­por­ted acts such as Hel­lion, Gypsy Queen, The Quire­boys, Ywngie Malmsteem cul­min­at­ing with a UK sup­port slot with the Little Angels. Such activ­ity and reviews brought the band to the atten­tion of the inde­pend­ent and major labels alike. The band finally opted for the Heavy Metal label because as Dave Mar­tin explains "We see the deal as a step­ping stone where the band can develop and grow without run­ning before we can walk".

Vari­ous Music media and press  of the day widely repor­ted that "the law" sacked their bass player because he was "too short" and fired their drum­mer because his kit wasn't "big enough" ;-)

Mar­shall Law con­tin­ues today on the DH2 Records label. You can keep updated on Mar­shall Law on their offi­cial Face­book page.

Now "former" Mar­shall Law mem­bers Andy Pyke and Andy South­well are now music­ally act­ive with a new music pro­ject called Vicious Nature!

Band Mem­bers (At the time of HMR Release):

Andy Pyke  (Vocals)
Dave Mar­tin (Gui­tar)
Andy South­well (Gui­tar)
Roger Davis (Bass)
Lee Mor­ris (Drums)

Former Mem­bers;
Mal­colm Gould (Bass)
Mick Donovan (Drums)



Tour Dates:

Keep an eye on the offi­cial Mar­shall Law web­site and Face­book page.