Band Bio­graphy:

Nick­named the "Triple Axe Attack" for pion­eer­ing the use of a 3-guitar-line-up in heavy metal (BEFORE Iron Maiden jumped on the band­wagon), Leather­wolf formed in 1981 in Cali­for­nia. Armed with a European sound in a rather for­mu­laic L.A they instantly stood out from the crowd. Their style was heav­ily influ­enced by the New Wave Of Brit­ish Heavy Metal (N.W.O.B.H.M) Move­ment  which unfor­tu­nately for the band, was not par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar in the States where Glam Metal reigned supreme. How­ever, this did not deter Leather­wolf who even graced the stages along­side the likes of Metal­lica, Slayer and Witch at big name ven­ues like Wood­stock and Radio City!

Need­less to say, their efforts cer­tainly did not go un-noticed and the band were quickly signed to Indie Label, Trop­ical Records who released and fin­anced the bands 1984  EP 'Leather­wolf' which con­sisted of 5 songs. In Main­land Europe, STP/Steamhammer upgraded the released to an album in 1985.

Heavy Metal Amer­ica gained the rights to the release in the UK titling it 'Endangered Spe­cies' - the name of one of the albums tracks.

Present Day -

The band went through dif­fer­ent line-ups before decid­ing to go on a self-imposed break. After a lengthy break, the band regrouped in 1999 with the ori­ginal line-up for a reunion show at The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA, which was doc­u­mented on their live album "Wide Open" which fea­tured 14 of the bands best songs as well as a cover of the Doors' "Break on Through". In the same year, they also made their way back to Europe with an invit­a­tion to do an exclus­ive, one-off gig at the Wacken Open Air fest­ival in Germany.

Band Mem­bers:

Michael Olivieri (Lead vocals, Guitar)

Carey Howe (Gui­tar, back­ing vocals)

Rob Math (Guitar)

Patrick Guyton (Bass, back­ing vocals)

Dean Roberts (Drums)


Tour Dates:

No cur­rent shows/events.