Band Bio­graphy:

Hail­ing from from the state of Vic­toria in Aus­tralia, Mel­bourne based Glam Metal-ers Bengal Tigers formed in 1979. They are known as one of the first Aus­tralian bands to have ever signed to a major record label - Mush­room Records.

Ori­gin­ally released in 1982 on Mush­room Records, Bengal Tigers',  'Metal Fettish' was re-released as an EP on the Heavy Metal World­wide label in 1984.The Aus­tralian Metal Scene of the day was heav­ily inspired and influ­enced by the New Wave Of Brit­ish Heavy Metal move­ment, though the Mel­bourne heavy metal scene at this time was still very under­ground, and was sup­por­ted only by a hand­ful of metal music shows on com­munity radio stations

Described by Music Crit­ics as hav­ing a tra­di­tion­ally metal sound with a European feel to their music, Bengal Tigers have drawn com­par­is­ons and traces of Scor­pi­ons, Judas Priest,  Mot­ley Crue, Anvil and Helix within their simplistic rock sound. Their "defin­ing anthem" is called 'Break and Bend". (Check out the clip below!)

Des­pite not achiev­ing much com­mer­cial suc­cess, the band toured widely and were at the time, at the fore­front of the small domestic scene within Aus­tralia in the 1980s. Bengal Tigers did go on to release addi­tional LPs, EPs, Singles and an album after under­go­ing a couple of line-up changes before dis­band­ing in 1999.

'Metal Fet­tish' (1983)
'Break And Bend' (1983)
'Pain Clinic' (1995)
'In The Blood' (
'In One Ear' (1997)
'You Gotta' Fight For Your Right (To Party)' (1998)

Most recently (well 2 years ago actu­ally in 2010) the Bengal Tigers played a reunion show.

Band Mem­bers (At the time of HMR Release):

Gor­don Heald (Vocals)
Barney Fak­horui (Gui­tar)
Steven Tyler (Bass)
Mick Egan (Drums)


Tour Dates:

N/A - Bengal Tigers are defunct.