Band Bio­graphy:

Antix formed in 1982 in Los Angeles, Cali­for­nia. Their 1984 album 'Get Up, Get Happy' was released on the Heavy Metal Amer­ica label. Unfor­tu­nately inform­a­tion on the web about them is fairly errr non-existant to say the least. Don Dokken (Yes THE Don Dokken) and fel­low band mem­ber Jeff Pilson were pro­du­cers of the bands EP.

Antix's song  "Daze Gone By" appeared on Hit Parader Magazines 1985 "Cas­sette Only" (Just a few years ago then! ;-)) Com­pil­a­tion  titled "The Wild Bunch" . The com­pil­a­tion cas­sette con­sisted of bands who were at the time either just start­ing out or on the verge of mak­ing it big. In addi­tion to Antix, other bands that made an appear­ence on the com­pil­a­tion included three of the now known "Big Four"  bands, Slayer, Anthrax and Mega­deth (!), Lizzy Bor­den, Raven, Jag Pan­zer, Grim Reaper and fel­low Heavy Metal Amer­ica band mates; Teaze and Castle Blak!

Antix under­went numerus line-up changes includ­ing a new vocal­ist, Mic Brandon. As a res­ult the band changed both their image and sound, adopt­ing a more Glam Metal style heav­ily influ­enced by Mot­ley Crue and Poison. Under this line-up the band released a 12 inch single called  "I'll Take Your Love" in 1987 which was before dis­ap­pear­ing  from the scene completely.

Former Antix Vocal­ist Greg Crew­ley did appear again con­trib­ut­ing back­ing vocals and piano on Faster Pussycat's Debut album before form­ing another band called 'Darling Cruel' who went on to release an album on Polygram.

Their style has been described as lack­ing in edge or dir­ec­tion, play­ing it a little "too safe" by crit­ics and not offer­ing the scene any­thing special

A second album was released in 1998 on Ace Records (USA) titled 'Take It Off' and a CD release of 'Get Up, Get Happy' from Ret­ro­spect Records came out in 2006.

Band Mem­bers (At the time of HMR Release):

Greg Clew­ley (Vocals)
Jace White (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
B.J Nor­ris (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Ian Evans (Drums/Backing Vocals)


Tour Dates: