Hail­ing from Solin­gen, Ger­many and assembled by Udo Dirk­schneider, gui­tar­ist Wolf Hoff­man and bassist Peter Baltes, Accept's begin­nings can be traced back to the late 1960s. As a band, Accept are acknow­ledged as play­ing an import­ant role in the devel­op­ment of Speed Metal. Their pro­fes­sional career how­ever began in 1976. Armed with a stable line-up,  Accept were invited to play at one of the FIRST Rock and Roll Fest­ivals in Ger­many, Rock Am Rhein.

Heavy Metal Records released Accept's Fourth Album, 1982's  'Rest­less & Wild' in the UK. This album is best known for its stel­lar open­ing track,  'Fast As A Shark' which is con­sidered amongst the first speed metal songs.

Spirt Of Metal com­ments that;

In many ways this album was a mile­stone in Accept's career. With the thun­der­ing double bass drum attack of the song 'FAST AS A SHARK,' they helped to spark a genre which would soon be called "Speed Metal."

Udo Dirk­schneider stated once in an Inter­view that;

This is surely the most import­ant Accept album. 'Fast As A Shark' is con­sidered by many to be the very first speed metal song writ­ten, not to men­tion the unusual intro (which was sung by a 12 year old Dieter Dierks together with a girl who remains unknown to us). You could say that 'Prin­cess Of The Dawn' and 'Fast As A Shark' are con­sidered clas­sics today. With this album, Amer­ica came call­ing for the first time... and the rest is his­tory. (Source)

Present Day -

Accept went on sev­eral hiatus', the first in 1989 after Stefan Kaufmann sus­tained a ser­i­ous injury on tour. The band con­tin­ued with a replace­ment for the remainder of their U.S Tour, but without Kaufmann and with dif­fer­ences com­ing to the sur­face with new front­man David Reece, the band decided to cease activ­it­ies. The hiatus was only brief with a comeback album 'Objec­tion Over­uled' released in 1993, 'Death Row' in 1994 and 'Pred­ator' in 1996. World Tours fol­lowed each album across North Amer­ica, South Amer­ica, Europe and Asia, with Accept's last gig being played in Tokyo, Japan.

A 2nd hiatus fol­lowed between 1997 and 2005 when Accept mem­bers con­tin­ued seper­ately work­ing on their own side projects. However, in 2005, Accept received an invit­a­tion from European pro­moters to embark on a short sum­mer European Fest­ival tour with Accept’s clas­sic line-up (Hoff­mann, Baltes, Dirk­schneider, Frank und Schwar­z­mann). Every­one agreed to do these fest­ivals, which turned out to be a stun­ning suc­cess. The last show was held on August 27, 2005, in Kav­arna, Bul­garia – at the Kaliakra rock fest. No fur­ther activ­it­ies were in the cards as Udo had already released a new album and was oblig­ated to con­tinue with his own band U.D.O.

The end of May 2009 fuelled rumours of an Accept reform­a­tion and a new album was released in August 2010 titled 'Blood Of The Nations'.Accept haven't stopped since with a new album 'Stal­in­grad' released in 2012 earn­ing the band numer­ous chart pos­i­tions across the world includ­ing Num­ber 2 on the UK Rock Chart and Num­ber 81 on the U.S Bill­board Top 200!

Accept's cur­rent line-up is;

Mark Tornillo (Vocals)
Wolf Hoff­man (Gui­tar)
Her­man Frank (Gui­tar)
Peter Baltes (Bass)
Stefan Schwazmann (Drums)

Band Mem­bers (At the time of HMR Release):

Udo Dirk­schneider (Vocals)
Wolf Hoff­mann (Gui­tars)
Jorg Fisc­her (Gui­tars)
Peter Baltes (Bass)
Stefan Kaufmann (Drums)


Tour Dates:

Accept are cur­rently on tour across Main­land Europe. Full dates and details can be found on Accept's Offi­cial Web­site.