In this weeks Spot­light we are bring­ing you a "double dose" of Heavy Metal Amer­ica fea­tur­ing Lost Gen­er­a­tion and Kublai Khan.

Lost Gen­er­a­tion 

Formed in Con­necti­cut in 1981, Cros­sover Thrash, Punky and Funk­tastic, Lost Gen­er­a­tion, gen­er­ated quite some con­tro­versy with their graphic art­work with their album cover for 'Mid­night Meat Train', ini­tially released in 1989 by Anthrax Records with art­work show­ing a naked woman covered in blood...(COOL!) Heavy Metal America's re-release of the album was a little tamer, though those masked faces don't look too friendly! ;-)

The 1980's was the most pro­lific time for the band where they opened for numer­ous tour­ing acts such as Circle Jerks, The Damned, Dead Kennedy's, X, Pub­lic Image and the U.K Subs in the USA and Canada in 1989.

And the 'Thrashtastic' title track 'Mid­night Meat Train' can be played below. Volume up to 11 guys! ;-)

Kublai Khan

Formed in Min­nesota, these Amer­ican Thrashers/Speed Metal-ers are fam­ous for their links to the "Big Four"'s Mega­deth as  Kublai Khan Gui­tar­ist and Co-Founder Greg Handevidt was a mem­ber of Mega­deth in 1983! Accord­ing to the mighty "Wiki", Handevidt lived under the apart­ment of none other than Mr Dave Mus­taine and formed the band (Mega­deth) with Mus­taine along with Dave Ellef­son! His time in Mega­deth was rel­at­ively short, and so in 1985 Kublai Khan came along!

The band released just one LP album titled 'Anni­hil­a­tion' (Released on the Heavy Metal Amer­ica label in 1987) which was met with rave reviews and allowed the band to enjoy tour­ing with local and inter­na­tional bands includ­ing the likes of King Dia­mond, Kreator, Voivod and Metal Church. However, des­pite these suc­cess, the band dis­ban­ded in 1988 due to internal con­flicts. :-( A real shame con­sid­er­ing how awe­some their music was. Just listen to this one... (!!!)