Wel­come to Part Two of the HMR Heavy Metal Amer­ica Spot­light story. This time we take a look at; Funhouse.

Fun­house -No not the fam­ous 90s kids wacky-warehouse gameshow – the hair metal, imaged obsessed Funk Rock­ers from Hollywood!

Metal/Heavy Pop/Funkthrashers, Funhouse were bold, col­our­ful and vibrant and stood out like sore thumb in Glam-ridden LA. They were even armed with their very own Mas­cot, Alfee The Clown (Move aside Eddie!) who was appar­ently so cool that even Dan­ger­ous Toys stole the clown logo and passed it off as their own (Tut-Tut!). Alfee's appear­ence changed with the bands sound - when they were Glam Punk, Alfie had tight jeans and a leather jacket, and when front­man Chris Haz­ard star­ted dress­ing like a clown, Alfee got some dreads and a stripey out­fit to match.

Fun­house formed in 1986 after grow­ing up in LA  dur­ing the "KISS years" . Con­sequently they were  heav­ily influ­enced by the early LA metal scene at this time with the likes of Mot­ley Crue, W.A.S.P and Guns N' Roses quickly carving houeshold names for them­selves. The band were in their own words "raised on a diet of both Eng­lish and Amer­ican Punk, Bat­cave Goth, Rocka­billy, some early Metal­lica and a bit of Finnish Glam." This res­ul­ted in a band who recog­nised that both image and sound needed to be highly charged, pro­gress­ive and heavy.

Local pro­moters helped the band to carve them­selves a niche to dif­fer­en­ti­ate the band from other 'strip' bands.

The band graced stages with big name bands includ­ing Sui­cidal Tend­an­cies, Slayer, Soundgarden, Guns N' Roses, White Zom­bie, Motor­head, Mega­deth, The Nymphs, L.A Guns, The Damned, NOFX, Dan­zig and Jane's Addiction!

Heavy Metal Amer­ica released the bands debut album 'Gen­er­a­tion Gen­er­ator' in 1990 to rave reviews and numer­ous column inches in all the big magazines of the day - Metal Ham­mer, Metal Forces, Raw Magazine and Ker­rang! Magazine - check out some of the press clip­pings we found in the great HMR Archive!

Unfor­tu­nately, after this release the band dis­ap­peared... and that was the sadly the end of Fun­house. Former Fun­house lead gui­tar player Marc Vachon now designs very rock appar­ell for numer­ous rock­stars includ­ing Slash, Scott Wei­l­and, Alice In Chains, Papa Roach and Buckch­erry! You can check out Marc's designs at the fol­low­ing loc­a­tion.

Music-wise, Fun­house have been decribed as a mix of Mot­ley Crue meets Red Hot Chilli Pep­pers, but you can be the judge for your­self by watch­ing the video below. We're sure that you'll agree that Fun­house had a very strik­ing and unique image!